How CCCC and Other Agencies

Can Help You Keep Your Community Clean
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Citizens Concerned for a Cleaner County (CCCC) (301) 883-5843

CCCC provides guidance to communities seeking organizational assistance with litter reduction, recycling and beautification projects. This includes dialogue and educational discussions with civic, church, school, business and scouting groups about the importance of clean communities, recycling and beautification projects. We can help announce and organize special Keep Prince George's Beautiful and community cleanup planning meetings, and provide some work tools. 


We also provide referral information for tough issues.
Here is a list of some of the services other agencies can assist you with:

Community Standards Division (CSD), (301) 883-6100, receives and responds to complaints about such things as tall grass, trash and debris, hanging gutters, peeling paint, multi-family housing discrepancies, etc. You must be prepared to give the exact address and nature of the problem you are complaining about.


The Department of 
Environmental Resources (DER)

The Comprehensive Community Clean-up program, (301) 883-5822, provides a broad range of services to revitalize older neighborhoods within unincorporated areas of the County. This program links DER and the Department of Public Works and Transportation with community members to provide bulky trash collection, housing code inspections, abandoned vehicle tagging and towing, tree trimming, street sweeping and storm drain water quality testing to a scheduled community over a two week period.  
PPD also offers opportunities for you to become involved in the monitoring and litter reduction of our waterways through Stream Teams and Stormdrain Stenciling projects.
Bulky Trash Disposal

Bulky Trash Disposal, Brown Station Road Landfill (BSRL) (301) 952-7600,

must be scheduled for pick-up prior to moving materials to the curbside. County residents may dispose of certain bulky items on Sundays at the Whitehouse Road entrance to BSRL. 
Scheduling for Sunday drop-off is not required, however, you must be prepared to provide proof of residency. Sunday disposal is free and is one of Prince George�s County�s contributions to the Keep Prince George�s Beautiful campaign.

Vehicle Audit Section (VAU), (301) 952-1873, assists with the removal of abandoned and untagged vehicles from your community. You may also be eligible to have your personal vehicle towed from you own yard by VAU.

Waste Reduction Section (WRS), (301) 883-5045, accepts Household Hazardous Waste materials and old/unwanted electronics on Sundays at the Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill (use the White House Road entrance). There is no cost to County residents for disposal of these items.

Curbside Recycling, (301) 952-7630, is collected once a week. Call us for updated information about what you can recycle at your curbside or for a new or replacement recycling container.

Yard Waste, (301) 952-7630,
is collected once a week beginning on April 15 and ends on January 15 of the next year. Call us to find out what day yard waste is collected in your neighborhood.

The Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T)

trims trees in the County�s rights-of-way, collects roadside litter, including illegally dumped trash, landscape County rights-of-way, including mowing and hosts the County�s Adopt-a-Road program. DPW&T is now taking aggressive steps to identify, charge and prosecute individuals that dump trash on the County�s rights-of-way. You can assist in apprehending these individuals by immediately reporting descriptive information about them or their vehicle to DPW&T.

Special Services Division, (301) 499-8530,

The State Highway Administration

The State Highway Administration (SHA), (301) 513-7300, maintains all Maryland State Roads but provides special services to Prince George�s County. SHA staffs two facilities in Prince George�s County and spends over 2.6 millions dollars per year to pick up roadside litter � including illegally dumped trash in Prince George�s County. You can help reduce these costs by managing your litter better, adopting a highway, using a CCCC Car Litter Bag and reporting information about individuals you see illegally dumping trash. You may call the Laurel Shop at (301) 776-7619, or the Marlboro Shop at (301) 952-0555 to request service, file a complaint, and to become involved in the Adopt-a-Highway Program.

Government and Volunteers working together to

Keep Prince George's Beautiful!